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March 15, 2014

on Fri, 12/06/2013 - 23:59

On March 15th, thousands of Californians are coming together in Sacramento to demand an end to fracking in our state. It’s time to stand up and tell our leaders: Don’t Frack California!

What: Don’t Frack California
Where: The Capitol Lawn, Sacramento, CA
When: Saturday, March 15th, 2014, 1pm

The Plan:
Our plan so far is to get as many voices as we can to Sacramento to make it loud and clear to Governor Brown and his administration that Californians want an end to fracking in our state. We’ll be hearing from voices from all over the state who are witnessing fracking in their own communities and organizing against it. Our goal, is to show the overwhelming number of Californians who will take the long trek to Sacramento to make it clear that climate leader’s don’t frack.

For more details, ride board, how you can help and more, visit


charlie pace's picture

Demand compulsory fracking emissions testing just as motor vehicle testing is the law.Fracking ending:The acilies heel is volatile organic compounds.U emit VOC’s u fail Smog check; Frackers emit & they r ignored. Corporation’s r above the law a double standard in violation of the U.S. Constitution. They must obey law just like any  other "person."

Cynthia Bristow's picture

I found your site in a Food & Water Watch newsletter & decided to join. The reason: I live in SOCAL in northern OC. Greka Energy, a multinational company owned by one individual, took over so called "played out"  Texaco fields nearby in 2000. Now we have a site below us with numerous tanks for oil & water & bigger oil rigs. They were flaring in 2000 but I complained then; subsequently the OCAQMD made them stop that. However, the plant vents God knows what chemicals 24/7. The site is located in the center of single family & apartment housing on all 4 sides. They have had 2 natural gas spilsl that I know of on the street. As a result of their heavy industrical activity, I wake up with burning lips & headaches every morning. When I inquird why this was allowed I was told that oil & gas companies have mineral rights in perpetuity! I hope that we can get progressive politicians in office who will ban these companies & get serious about wind & solar power. I think these practices are excacerbating or even causing the great drought! It is a pity.